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General Rules

These are the Rules for 2017.
General Rules
Safety Rules
Bog Rules
Drag Rules

----------- HELMETS REQUIRED IN ALL CLASSES ----------
No Glass Containers on grounds!

1. Any recreational ATV brought on Peat Monster Turf will be charged a $20.00 gate fee. If you are a racer, this fee will be deducted from your Class entry fee.
If you do not want pay the fee leave the pit racer home.

2. All ATV riders, racing or not, must have a helmet on if you are moving.

3. ATV pit racing is a constant problem. No Off-Road motorcycles allowed on the grounds once the Bogs have started.

4. Drivers are required to wear a D.O.T. approved helmet during competition. Helmets must be left in place until out of the pit, including pullback. Violators will be disqualified for that pull.

5. Points go to the driver of truck; he/she has registered for season points. Driver may rebuild a destroyed vehicle and enter in the next race with the same vehicle name.

6. Tech rules committee members have the right to disqualify or suspend drivers at their discretion for violations of any rules. This includes pit crews.

7. Protests must be in writing within 15 minutes from end of class affected.

8. Vehicle is allowed to run a maximum of 2 classes and may be entered twice in a class with a different driver in their respective class.

9. Once a vehicle pulls to the line and breaks the start beam that constitutes a run. There are no scratches or refunds at this point.

10. Any driver going out of the pit and continuing on and knocking down markers will be DQ'd for BOTH runs. This decision will be made by the track officials and all decisions are final. If you hit a marker STOP!!!!

11. NO FIGHTING!! May be grounds for disqualification for remainder of season.

12. Judges decision is final! Any other ruling must come from a formal protest, IN WRITING, by a registered driver in that class and must be submitted to the rules committee (board members) of UORRA within 15 minutes of the last truck in that class running. Any questions or arguments after this time will not be allowed. You can only protest the class in which you run. No payback or trophies will be given in such class until the dispute is settled.

13. Drivers have 3 minutes to get to the starting line when their number is called. If a driver is unable to make it to the starting line within the allotted 3 minutes, due to mechanical failures only, they will be allowed to drop back one spot, ONE TIME ONLY EXCEPTION: When a vehicle has run consecutively, the vehicle is allowed 5 minutes for driver change, if consecutive runs cannot be avoided, at decision of tech officials.

14. NO tire chains allowed.

15. Race officials reserve the right to qualify or disqualify any vehicle on the basis of its safety features at any time.

16. Once a vehicle trips the timing lights, the race is over. Even if the rear wheels then hit a stake, at that point the race is already over. If manual timers are used, the front hub will be used as a measure.

17. Vehicle must be in neutral when being towed back through the pit. Absolutely NO use of brakes. Helmets must remain in place during pullback!

18. Any loose articles falling out of the vehicle and into the mud hole during a run will result in disqualification, except fixed mechanical parts, which cannot be anticipated.

19. NO REFUNDS after a class has started. NO REFUNDS if you are disqualified.

20. Obey the flagman! When hooking up the cable, vehicle must be in neutral and hands must be off the steering wheel, in the air.

21. All vehicles must be pulled from the mud hole from the rear if stuck before reaching finish line. Officials may approve towing from the front in the event of breakage.

22. Truck classes 1 thru 5 will run back to back passes.

23. All tires must have factory size stamping. If stamping is not present or has been ground off, tires will be measured with gauge and put in proper class.

24. Cable hook up is mandatory for every entry unless officials opt for No cable prior to start of class.

25. Registration opens at 8:00 a.m. and runs throughout the event.

26. Class order will be announced the day of the event.

27. Drivers are required to be sober!

28. NO passengers when vehicle is racing.

29. Must be present at the event and on the starting line to break the starting line beam to receive points.

30. Officials have the right to allow any "First Time" trucks the exception of 1 class ruling as long as it does not give the truck an advantage in that class.